The Martin Candle

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The Martin Candle


The Martin candle pays tribute to Black History Month 2020 and the King himself, Martin Luther King Jr.!

Martin Luther King Jr. is and was known for his efforts in advancing equality for All Peoples and his fight for Freedom and Justice in America. Widely considered the most influential leader of the Civil Rights Movement, and globally recognized for the amazing Man he was, we pay tribute to the King this month and every month as we are living out his work!


$2 from each sale will be donated to Engage The Foundation. Engage The Foundation is a community organization that works to strengthen families by connecting communities, schools and universities to resources designed to improve individual stability and family structure! Follow them at @engagethefoundation. 


Only available for the month of February so grab it now!



Top: Amber, Driftwood

Middle: Musk

Base: Vanilla, Sandalwood


9oz Premium Handcrafted Candle

All-Natural Lead Free Wick

Handpoured by Family in the USA!

Burn Time: 35-40 Hrs.

This scent was crafted by: Richard!


Please burn responsibly and be sure to read all warnings on our website and the warning labels on the candles!

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