Wick & Wax is a family run operation! We incorporate everyone in our household to run our small business and it has been an amazing journey!
Richard is currently Active Duty military and has a passion for photography. His attention to detail helps us perfect products that we believe are right where they need to be to fit into you and your loved ones' home!
Dana is a full-time Flight Attendant and loves to travel. Her free spirit and motivation drives the family and the company to stay on schedule, and to make sure everyone's order gets to them in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on Fast Shipping so you don't have to wait!
Last but not least, Kallie, the 6-year old leader of the bunch! Our idea to bring Kallie into the business with us was to teach her not only to always be creative, but to also guide her into proper business tactics and work ethic early on in her childhood (don't worry, she works us, not the other way around).
We hope you have enjoyed visiting Wick & Wax and feel free to reach out to wickandwaxllc@gmail.com at any time!