Limited Edition Cursed Pumpkin Pie

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Limited Edition Cursed Pumpkin Pie

Limited Edition Packaging - HALLOWEEN EXCLUSIVE!!

FINALLY FALL! We have been waiting to grab our hoodies and get spooky and the time is finally here!

Our Cursed Pumpkin Pie candle is not just any Pumpkin scented candle. You can smell the spells that were cast on this rich Pumpkin spiced pie before entering the oven! 

If you are ready for Fall and enjoy pumpkin scented everything, or indulge in Pumpkin Spice when the calendar hits September, there is no question this is your candle! 



Top: Pumpkin, Allspice, Ginger

Middle: Brown Sugar, Nutmeg

Base: Vanilla, Molasses, Clove


Premium Handcrafted Candle

All-Natural Lead Free Wick

Handpoured by Family in the USA!

Burn Time: ~35-45 Hrs. 


This scent was crafted by: Richard!


Please burn responsibly and be sure to read all warnings on our website and the warning labels on the candles!

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